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Instructions for the Non-Flex Selfie Stick Adaptor ONE R

   Required Parts

1. Insta360 ONE R

2. Mounting Bracket*

3. 1/4" Camera Mount Adapter*

4. 1/4" Thumb Screw*

5. NON-FLEX Adaptor 

6. Selfie Stick 

*supplied with the Insta360 ONE R

Step 1.

Place the NON-FLEX adaptor on the 1/4" adapter and install the camera (in the correct position for the cutouts). Ensuring the holes are aligned, insert the thumb screw (do not completely tighten). 

Step 2.

Now find the optimal position for your cameras stitch line via the touchscreen or Insta360 app and tighten the thumbscrew to secure. 


"Capture the moment... not the selfie stick"

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