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About Us

RBVentures UK is a small business that started in 2020 by myself Karlie and my partner Rob. We are all about adventures and love the outdoors.



It all started with Robs love for PEVs (personal electric vehicles) and him needing a way to alert others whilst out riding his electric unicycle. He decided to look for a bell being a universal sound and people generally knowing how to react to it. After testing a couple of similar products that are currently on the market and them not being suitable due to sound or functionality, he decided to make his own.  


Using his other hobby, 3d printing Rob got to work designing and after a number of prototypes and testing various bells, Rob finally found his perfect solution.  


After showing other PEV riders and it getting a good response, he decided to put it into production, creating our first product the Finger Dinger.  


Since then the Finger Dinger is now being used by customers from all over the world including UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand, which we are extremely proud of.


The Finger Dinger has also had many more uses than just for riders of electric unicycle/PEV’s and has been used by skaters, bike riders and walkers. We feel it is also important to set a good example and be considerate of others whilst riding. 


Since creating our first product we have now ventured into making accessories for existing products on the market like the insta360 ONE R Camera.


All of our products are inspired by our passion for creating things and problem solving.


We take a lot of pride in our products and aim to do as much as possible ourselves, but understand the benefits and do outsource some of our manufacturing processes to other UK companies in order to create higher quality products, in larger volumes and at a better price for our customers.


All of our products go through extensive research, prototyping, testing, assembly and QC checks by us. This gives us the confidence that every single one of our products are of the highest quality for our customers. 


All of our products are packaged in house using fully recyclable materials. 



We strive to provide the best possible products and service to our customers. 


We love to create ways of making life easier and more enjoyable.


We are firm believers in enjoying life and having fun, but are very passionate about safety. We would also like to introduce people to the world of personal electric vehicles and how fantastic they are. They are a good way to travel, fun to ride and great for the environment, but we also feel it is important to set a good example and be considerate of others whilst riding. The laws around PEV's are different in many cities around the world and we hope to see more positive changes in the future.

Our aim is to create simple solutions to make life a little easier and making them accessible to a wider audience. 


We are looking to create more exciting things in the future, grow our business and hopefully inspire people to do more of the things they enjoy doing.

"I am very happy with my Finger Dinger, they are great and don't scare people when I come with my EUC"

"Finger Dinger definitely improves the quality of your ride"

"Love the build quality and sound quality of the Finger Dinger...highly recommend"

"I love it and won't ride without it"

Meet The Team


Hi I’m Rob, I design, create, complete all the QC checks for our products and package your orders. I am also the content creator and editor. 


Hi, I’m Karlie, I process your orders, answer any questions or queries you have, maintain our website and social media (so if you do have any suggestions you can let me know).

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